I’m Alexandre Albuquerque Arnt, a brazilian from the southern state. Took my degree in computer science back in 1999. I’ve been using Linux since that same time. Began with Redhat and switched to Mandrake. Tired of breaking those distros down, have found peace in Slackware.

In 2006, I started a project called QTGZManager in order to solve a simple problem: how could I manage my collection of Slackware packages in a visual and straightforward way? As I enjoyed programming very much and was also eager to get my hands dirty on Qt4 libs, this seemed the obvious direction. QTGZ finally reached version 1.0 in the begining of 2013.

More recently, have tried Manjaro Linux and ArchLinux, his “mother distro”. Needless to say I enjoyed them very much… to the point of even starting another project: Octopi!

Trying out PC-BSD in 2015 brought me the idea of porting Octopi to the pkgng world. Then, after a month of testing and coding, OctoPkg has been created 🙂



2 responses to “WhoAmI

  1. Good Morning. I have tried to install on my sistem octopkg (freebsd 10.1) but return this error when i run on gksu:
    “Qt: session management error: none of the authentication protocols
    Lib-gtop 16255 received eof”


    • Hi Antonio,
      Well, I think you’re attempting to run the binary with gksu: do not do that way! Just run with your own user and let gksu asks the root credentials when it needs it. Version 0.2.0 (still in dev) also fixes some gksu related bugs.


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