About OctoPkg

OctoPkg is a powerful tool to manage (FreeBSD | PC-BSD) packages. It has a simple interface which consists of just 2 panels:

  • A list of all available packages (including those resulting of searches);
  • A tab widget showing 6 useful tabs: information, files, transaction, output, news and a quick help guide.

Some of the features:

  • LOW in resource consumption;
  • FAST;
  • Supports Cinnamon, Plasma, LXDE, MATE, Trinity and XFCE Desktop Environments;
  • Pkg sync database (update);
  • Pkg upgrade;
  • Install/Re install/Upgrade/Remove selected packages – watching the output of these commands on demand – in a trasaction based abstraction;
  • View the contents of installed packages (including opening and editing its files);
  • View the description of packages in tooltips, just moving the mouse over them.

Licensed under GPL2, written in Qt C++ and compatible with any pkgng based BSD flavour.


2 responses to “About OctoPkg

  1. Good work! While I use pkg-ng on the command-line, this will be super-helpful to those who prefer a GUI tool.

    I noticed you mentioned that OctoPkg is “LOW in resource consumption” however it uses 70 MB (idle) on my computer. I would expect it to use maybe 35 MB or less. Am I using it incorrectly?

    Congratulations on the release! 😀


    • Hi wbrokenbourgh,
      Thanks for the kind words. Regarding the 70MB, yes, here in my FreeBSD VM it starts using around 62MB. To be honest, I really do not know why it is so high compared to Octopi running in Linux distros (if you go to octopiproject site you’ll see I copied that statement 🙂 ).


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